Sennen Strays 1881 census


The people listed on this page were born in Sennen but living elsewhere at the time of the 1881 Census. I am grateful to Joan in Colorado for supplying this information. 


ATKINS, Hephsiah, b.1821 Sennen-Cornwall.          Wife, address 1881: 2 Albert Villas,

BARTLETT, Frederick R, 1876 Sennen Cove-Cornwall.        Scholar & Son of Chief Boatman
of Coast Guard, address 1881: Garrison, St. Mary-Scilly Is.

BOND, Stephen, b.1848 Sennen-Cornwall.               Fisherman, address 1881: Lower Town,
St Martin-Scilly Is.

BOTHERAS, Richard, b.1831 Sennen-Cornwall.      Schoolmaster, address 1881: 717 Hyde
Road, Gorton-Lancashire

CHAPPLE, Christiana, b.1850 Sennen-Cornwall.        Police Constable's Wife, address
1881: 11 College Street, Bristol-Gloucestershire.

COLLINS, RICHARD, b.1848 Sennen-Cornwall.       Engine fitter at Kew Water Works,
address 1881: 27 Ealing Road, Ealing-Middlesex.

COURTIS, Richard, b.1829 Sennen-Cornwall.          Joiner, address 1881: 54 George Street,
Stoke Damarel-Devon.

DOUGHTY, Annie, b.1831 Sennen-Cornwall.           Lodging House Keeper, address 1881: 
4 Brighton Terrace, Kingston on Thames-Surrey.

HARDING, Emma, b.1816 Sennen-Cornwall         . Dressmaker, address 1881: Coast Guard
Station, East Budleigh-Dev.on

HUTCHINGS, John W, b.1826 Sennen-Cornwall.            Joiner, address 1881: 77 Westland
Street, St. George Hanover Square, London-Middlesex

JAMES, Barbara, b.1849 Sennen-Cornwall.            Iron Miner's Wife, address 1881: 20 Lord
Street, Millom-Cumbria

MITCHELL, Mary Ann, b.1822 Sennen, Cornwall.       Widow & Plain Servant, address 1881:
20 Lord Street, Millom-Cumbria

MITCHELL, Samuel H, b.1846 Sennen-Cornwall.        Iron Miner, address 1881: 31 Lord
Street, Millom-Cumbria.

NICHOLAS, Ellen, b.1854 Sennen-Cornwall.              Cook, address 1881: 3 North Hill
Terrace, Plymouth-Devon.

NICHOLAS, Henry, b.1845 Sennen-Cornwall .          Light keeper, address 1881: Nash Point
Lighthouse, Marcross-Glamorgan.

NICHOLAS, Richard, b.1838 Sennen-Cornwall.          Iron Miner, address 1881: 19 Lord
Street, Millom-Cumbria.

O'DONAGHUE, Edward G, b.1855 Sennen-Cornwall.          B.A. Oxford, Curate at St.Luke's
Church, Berwick Street, address 1881: 49 Glasshouse Street, Westminster, London-Middlesex

OATES, John, b.1845 Sennen-Cornwall.                 Iron Ore Miner, address 1881: 7 James
Street, Cleator-Cumbria.

OSBORNE, Mary, b.1857 Sennen-Cornwall.         Housemaid, address 1881: Queen's Hotel,
St.Martins Le Grand, London- Middlesex. 

PASCOE, Martha, b.1857 Sennen-Cornwall.         Housemaid, address 1881: 74 Guildford
Street, St.Pancras, London- Middlesex.

PERMEWAN, James, b.1815 Sennen-Cornwall.      Retired Land Steward, address 1881:  1  Steps Cottage, Ashprington-Devon.

RANDALL, Alfred J, b.1878 Sennen-Cornwall.      Scholar, address 1881: Stubbs,  The  Royal Duke, Aldershot-Hampshire.

RANDLE, Philadelphia, b.1847 Sennen-Cornwall.     Wife of Coal Miner, address 1881:
69 High Street, Llandudno-Glamorgan

 SAUNDRY, John Harris, b.1864 Sennen-Cornwall.      Scholar, address 1881: School,
Part of Devon County, East Buckland-Devon.

TAYLOR, Annie E, b.1879 Sennen-Cornwall.              Daughter, address 1881: Bardsey
Lighthouse, Bardsey Island-Caernarvon,Wales.

TAYLOR, Margaret E, b.1857 Sennen-Cornwall.       Assistant Light Keeper's Wife,
address 1881: Bardsey Lighthouse, Bardsey Island-Caernarvon,Wales.

TAYLOR, William H, b.1876 Sennen-Cornwall.       Son, address 1881: Bardsey Lighthouse,
Bardsey Island-Caernarvon,Wales..

THOMAS, Eliza, b.1864 Sennen-Cornwall.              Fisherman's Daughter, address 1881:  1 Sea View
 Cottage, Lundy Island-Devon.

THOMAS, George G, b.1853 Sennen-Cornwall.     Storekeeper (Warehouseman), address 1881:  1 Sea  View Cottage, Lundy Island-Devon.

THOMAS, John H, b.1879 Sennen-Cornwall.         Storekeeper's Son, address 1881: 1 Sea
View Cottage, Lundy Island-Devon.

THOMAS, Susan, b.1853 Sennen-Cornwall.          Storekeeper's Wife, address 1881: 1 Sea
view Cottage, Lundy Island-Devon.

TROKE, Alice Amy, b.1872 Sennen-Cornwall.       Scholar & Coast Guard's Daughter,
address 1881: Coast Guard Station, East Budleigh-Devon

VICK, Joseph, b.1824 Sennen-Cornwall.               Fishmonger, address 1881: Christchurch-Hampshire

WILLIAMS, James, b.1857 Sennen-Cornwall.       Journeyman, address 1881: 34 Church Row,
Limehouse, London-Middlesex.


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