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The Settlement of  Bosvine  

Name recorded as Bosveyn in 1367 & 1539 and as Bosvine in 1579

From Bos meaning Dwelling and meyn meaning stone = Stone Dwelling

   land owner  land worked by   Number on Map Name & Description State of Cultivation  Statute Measure

    a           r          p

Lord Falmouth John Permewan 380 Town Field Arable 6         0         24
    381 Dwelling,, Barn & Town Place Homestead 0         2         08
    382 Slip of Common outside Tarbury 0         1         00
    383 Well Field Arable 3         3         30
    384 Higher Middle Field Arable 3         3         04
    385 Lower Middle Field Arable 4         2         05
    386 Willow Garden Willow 0         1         20
    387 Long Field Arable 5         1         23
Total Area           24a  3r  34p                                  Rent £ 5



The History Of Bosvine Farm As It Is Now

Which Was Owned By Dionysius Williams In The Nineteenth Century

The present day Bosvine derived its name after the original Bosivine which was the property of Lord Falmouth and was cited between Trevear and Brew farms os/n 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 387.

          During the census of 1900 Bosvine was classified as too small, the land was then amalgamated with Trevear farm and therefore lost its identity. The homestead was sited at the bottom of field o/s 381

          The farm known as Bosvine in the twentieth century was part of the estate of Dionysius Williams and became part of St Aubyn estate. In the latter part of the nineteenth century. Records show it being farmed by Matthew Nicholas prior to him moving to Mayon farm.

Bosvine was part of the Mayon Green Estate and was purchased by S.S Jackson on 22 November 1922, the farm was occupied by Ceciul Trewern until 1930, owing to the homestead had fallen into disrepair he built a bungalow to live in, when he moved from Bosvine to the cove he dismantled the bungalow and rebuilt it in the cove which today is known as wave crest.

          During 1929 parts of the field’s os 285 and 134 were sold to Miss Belfield who sold part of o/s 134 to Frederick Shannon for building purposes. S.S Jackson reinstated the building at Bosvine and built one extra cow byre, also a slaughterhouse to supply meat to Jacksons stores. He worked the farm until 1959 when he transferred the farm to his son Cyril who owing to his wife suffering a massive stroke was unable to carry on with the farm, he sold it to J.H.M and A.J Nicholas in 1976, the building was later demolished to make a site for the building of a telephone sub station.

Information supplied by Dave Jackson (on behalf of Cyril Jackson former owner of Bosvine Farm.).



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