Kelly's Trade Directory 1883



Rev. Robert James Roe M.A.                         Rector                                   Rectory

Mrs Symonds                                                                                            Mayon House


Arthur Chellew                                             Farmer                                  Escalls

Martha Davey (Miss)                                    Shopkeeper

Mathew George                                            Success Inn

Henry Harvey                                               Farmer                                    Trevorian

Samuel Harvey                                               Farmer                                     Trevean

William Hicks                                               Farmer                                    Trevorian

John Hollow                                                 Farmer                                    Skewjack

Thomas Hollow                                            Farmer                                    Trevilley

Humphry Humphries                                    Farmer                                    Escalls

Rob Humphries                                            Farmer                                     Brew

Mary Johns (Mrs)                                        Farmer                                     Treeve

Henry Laity                                                 Farmer                                     Penrose

Nicholas Pascoe                                          Farmer                                    Trevescan

Thomas Penrose                                          Farmer                                     Escalls

George Phillips                                           Farmer                            Mayon Farm

Joseph Henry Richards                               Publican                          First & Last Inn

John Saundry                                             Farmer                                     Trevescan

Henry Thomas Toman                               Hotel Keeper                   Lands End Hotel

Benjamin Trehair                                       Blacksmith / Shopkeeper

Edward Trembath                                     Farmer                                      Trevilley

John Trewella                                            Shopkeeper                                Treeve

William Trewella                                       Shopkeeper                                Trevescan

James Uren                                               Shopkeeper

James Wallis                                             Farmer                                        Treeve

Board School                                            Job Cockcroft                             Master

                                                                 Miss Annie Rowe                         Mistress

Parish Clerk                                            Mathew Nicholas



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