Parish of St. Sennen
The following men served their country as Sailors or Soldiers during the Great War 1914-1918

Those in red paid the supreme sacrifice.

Affection Albert                    

Avery Fred H.V.

Avery Harry G.

Bond Stephen

Bond Robert

Chappell William J

Chappel Henry G

Chappell John F

Coles Geoffrey H.  R.I.P.

Ellis John

Ellis James

Ellis Mathew G

Farquarson John

George Alfred E

George Ernest

George Richard T R.I.P.

George Albert

George Robert

George William J

George Nathaniel

George William H   R.I.P.

 George Phillip

George Mathew T

George James

George John R

George Fred

George Arnold

George Hosea  R.I.P.

George Thomas    


George William

George William

George John

Richard Hall

Hicks William B

Hicks Percy B

Hollow John  R.I.P.

Hosken Harry   R.I.P.

Hosken Richard

Hosking Pearce

Hosking Norman

Hutchens Andrew

Hutchens William C

James Harry

Jewell Charles

Lucas Harry   R.I.P.

Mathews Silas

Mathews Seethorne R

Mathews William F

Mitchell John Henry

Nicholas John T

Nicholas Mathew H

Nicholas Edward

Nicholas Thomas

Nicholas Herbert

Nicholas Richard

Nicholas John

Nicholas Walter

Nicholas James H



Nicholas Benjamin

Parsons Arthur W R.I.P.

Pender Samuel L

Pender Thomas

Penrose Mathew G   R.I.P.

Penrose John

Penrose Henry

Penrose Reuben

Penrose Richard

Penrose Richard Jnr.

Penrose William J

Rapson William J  R.I.P.

Reece John

Roberts John

Roberts James

Roberts William

Semmens William

Semmens Joseph

Shannon Sydney

Symes James  R.I.P.

Thomas Benjamin

Tonkin Harry

Trenary Charles

Trenary William

Trewern Cecil

Trewhella William

Trewhella Samuel

Wallis William T


Williams Thomas


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