Parish of Sennen

The following are the names of the men & women from the Parish of Sennen who served in  H.M. Forces during World War Two

1939 - 1945

Those in red paid the supreme sacrifice.

Albert Bond   R.I.P.

Bond John

Braunton Charles E

Chappel Edwin

Chope Mabel

Farquarson Ronald

Farquarson Lucy

George Edmond

George Albert

George John

George James

George Richard

George Alwin

Gage Robert

Heath Lorna

Richards Archie

Hutchins Doreen

James Edith

Johnstone Charles H

Jackson William T

Larder John

Mathews William C

Minifie Florence V

Nicholas Ivy

Nicholas Elsie

Nicholas William H

Nicholas Alfred

Prigg Harold W

Peek A. Dawn De L

Richards Stephen   R.I.P.

Roberts Herbert R

Roberts Brian

Roberts Cecil

Roberts William J

Rodda Francis

Rowe Frederick J.R.

Rowe Frederick E.

Shannon Leonard C.

Smith Denis   R.I.P.

Trewern Cecil R.I.P.

Trewern Leslie

William James E

Williams Edith

Williams Edwin J.

Williams Nancy

Williams Ada

Williams W James   R.I.P.

Whitley Leslie


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