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The Slaters Trade Directory was published in 1852 /3 and covers Cornwall and Devon. It does not have a separate entry for Sennen but includes it along with St Just in Penwith and its neighbourhood. I have decided that rather then separate the Sennen entries I should display the full entry here. 






SAINT JUST is a parish in the hundred in Penwith. The village, seven miles from Penzance and about six from Land's end; has become extended and improved within the last few years from the vicinity of several extensive mines amid a large iron foundry, and it has lately obtained some notoriety from the ecclesiastical suit between the late vicar, The Rev. G. C. Graham and the Bishop of Exeter. The tract of cliff country between Cape Cornwall and Pendeen Head  is, perhaps, the most remarkable in the kingdom, from the extraordinary mining operations in progress in its extent. Carn Brea one of the highest hills in Western Cornwall, on the summit of which once stood a chapel, is about three miles south of the town. From the elevated point of Cape Cornwall an extensive view is obtained: a short distance from the land to the south-west lies the small islands known as the Brissons or "the sisters", a part highly dangerous to the mariner in stormy weather. The town boasts of two respectable inns, the "Commercial" and the "Wellington" both well conducted and comfortable establishments. 

The church of St Just is a solid structure of granite. The Rev. Robert Atkins has commenced to build a new church at his sole expense; it is to be dedicated to St John the Baptist. The Dissenters have also places for their worship, and there are two National Schools for children of both sexes. the market is held on Saturday. Population of the parish in 1851 is 8,752.

SENNEN is a parish in the same hundred as St Just from which it is situated five miles and one mile from the Land's End. Here is an inn with a remarkable sign being "the first and last Inn in England," The church has a tower which is conspicuous for miles. Population in 1851 is 652.

LANDS END: this parish possesses few inhabitants, yet it is celebrated for its wild grandeur and is said to be three hundred and ninety feet above the level of the sea. Several of the rocks have received names descriptive of their appearance, such as "the Armed Knight," "Dr Johnson's Head", "the Spire," "the Irish Lady," and others.

POST OFFICE Saint Just, John Eva, Post Office. - Letters for all parts arrive (from Penzance), every morning at eight, and are dispatched at ten. 


Aitken, Rev. Robert Pendeen.

Angwin, Mr William, St Just.

Boyns, Mr John, purser, St Just.

Carthew, Mr. Thos. purser, St Just.

Chenhalls, Alexander Esq., St Just.

Houghton, Rev. William, Sennen.

James, Mr. Stephen, St Just.

Jones, Rev. John Samuel, St Just.

Trembath, James Esq, Sennen.

White, Rev. Wm. Spranger, St Just.


Caudle, John Surgeon, St Just.

Hawkins, Benjamin Lavers, Surgeon, St Just.

National School, St Just - Tom Owain Jones, master; Mary Williams mistress.

National School, Pendeen - John Grenfell, master; Martha Congden, mistress

Quick, Jas. Richards, surgeon, St Just.


Boyns, Richard, St Just.

Carthew, John, St Just.

James, Stephen Harvey, (and land) Burmew Hall,St. Just.

James ,Stephen Harvey Jnr, St Just.


Commercial Inn: Wm Williams, St Just.

 First & Last Inn in England: Thomas Toman, Sennen.

Kings Arms: William Eddy, St Just. 

Lands End: Thomas Toman, Lands End.

North Inn: Thomas Williams, St Just.

Star: William Hill, St Just.

Wellington Inn: Thomas Bury Burton, St Just


Holman, Nicholas, St Just and Penzance.


Boyns, Henry & Richard, St Just.

Hocking, William, St Just.

James, Stephens Harvey, St Just.

William, Thomas, St Just.



Akerman ,James, Chemist & Druggist.

Boase, John, Shopkeeper.

Bolitho, Walter, shoe maker.

Bolitho ,William shopkeeper.

Botheras, Richard, carpenter, Sennen.

Bottrell, Richard, carpenter & wheelwright, Sennen.

Boyns, Henry & Co., shopkeepers

Boyns, Jane, straw bonnet maker. 

Boyns, Mary, shopkeeper.

Burns, John, marine store dealer.

Carthew, Edward, shopkeeper and watch maker.

Chegwin, John, shopkeeper and carpenter.

Cock, Charles, shoe maker.

Cock, John, butcher.

Daniel, Nicholas Chas., watch maker.

Dillen, James tailor.

Eddy, John, shopkeeper.

Eddy, William, carpenter.

Eddy, William, shoe maker.

Eva, John, baker, grocer and agent to the county fire and permanent Life Assurance Companies.

Gendall, James, shoemaker.

Hall, Thomas, shopkeeper and wheelwright.

Harvey, Andrew, watch and clock maker.

Hill, Ann, straw bonnet maker.

Hill, Thomas, shopkeeper.

James, Grace and Lydia, grocer and draper.

Leggo, John, blacksmith.

Lugg, John, shoemaker.

Mc.Gwiggan,  John, Marine store.

Mathews, Honor, shopkeeper, Sennen.

Mitchell, Samuel Harvey, shoe maker.

Moyle, Thomas, shoe maker, Sennen.

Nicholls, Richard, temperance coffee house.

Olds ,John, butcher.

Olds, Peter, butcher.

Oliver, Mary, shopkeeper.

Osborn, Lucinda, milliner, &c.

Pascoe, William, shopkeeper & tailor.

Penrose, Richard, shoemaker.

Penrose, William, beer retailer.

Pooley, James, shopkeeper.

Prouse, William, blacksmith.

Richards, William, hair dresser.

Roberts, James, carpenter.

Roberts, Thomason, shopkeeper.

Roberts, William, shopkeeper.

Rowe, Thomas, blacksmith.

Strick, William, shopkeeper, Sennen.

Taylor, William, shopkeeper.

Thomas ,Henry Grylls, ironmonger, grocer, and linen draper.

Thomas, Thos., blacksmith, Sennen.

Trehair, Benj., blacksmith, Sennen.

Trehair, Constance, milliner, &c.

Trehair, Richard, shoe maker.

Tregear, James, blacksmith.

Tregea,r John registrar of births and deaths.

Tregear, Thomas, blacksmith.

Trembath, Richard, carpenter and shopkeeper.

Trezise, Orchard Edwards, ironmonger and secretary to the mechanics institute.

Uren, Abednegoe, and John, wheelwrights.

Veall, John William, shoemaker.

Veall, Samuel, shoemaker.

Warren ,Jane. shopkeeper.

Warren, John, bookseller, binder & printer.

Williams, James, grocer & draper.

Williams ,John, shopkeeper.

Williams, Ralph, carpenter.

Williams, Susan, beer retailer.

Wills, William, tailor.

Woolcock, Thomas, shopkeeper.


St Just Church, St Just - Rev. Williams Spranger White, Vicar.

St John the Baptist Church, Pendeen - Rev. Robert Aitken, perpetual curate.

Sennen Church - Re, Wm. Houghton.

Bible Christians, St Just.

Teetotal Methodists, St Just.

Wesleyan Methodists, St Just, John Samuel Jones.

Wesleyan Methodists, Sennen.

VANS: For Passengers and Goods.

To Penzance: Benjamin Eddy, from St Just every morning (Sunday excepted) at ten; Richard Davey and Richard Rowe, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at the same hour; and Joseph Mathews and Thomas Nicholas, from the Lands end, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at nine


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