Trade Directory  1919


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Private Residents:
MRS BALL                                                                                                             Treeve
MRS BOYN                                                                  The Green
JOHN FARQUHARSON                [ Artist ]                 Pendare House
SAMUEL HARVEY                                                      Sea View
GEORGE B. HICKS, Senior.                                                                                   Trevescan
MRS HILL                                                                     Little Swingate
MRS HUMPHRIES                                                       Greenbank
REV. JOHN ISABEL                                                                                              Escalls Cliff
MRS JAMES                                                                Cape Cornwall View,         Sennen Cove
REV. JOHN HENRY MICHELL,   [ Rector]                 Mayon House
RICHARD NICHOLAS Junior.                                      Sea View
MRS PRICE                                                                   Heathercliff 
MISS SWAINSON,                                                       Hallan House
SAMUEL TREWHELLA                                                Sunny Bank
HENRY ISAAC WELCH                                               Atlantic Lodge

THOMAS BOLITHO                                   Farmer                                                   Trevilley
JOHN CHELLEW                                        Farmer                                                    Escalls
JOHN CLEMENS                                        Farmer                                                    Trevilley
W. CLARK                                                 Chief Officer.       Coastguard Station   Sennen Cove
HENRY ELLIOTT                                     Blacksmith
ALFRED GEORGE                                    Apartments               Riviera House     Sennen Cove
PETER GEORGE                                       Apartments                                          Sennen Cove
MRS JOHN GUY                                      Apartments                                          Sennen Cove
GEORGE HICKS                                       Farmer                                                  Trevescan
WILLIAM HOLLOW                                 Farmer                                                  Skewjack
HENRY HOSKEN                                      Dairyman                                              Trevescan
JOHN HOSKING                                       Farmer                                                  Penrose
JONATHAN HUMPHRIES                        Farmer                                                  Trevear
SAMUEL JACKSON                                 Farmer                                                   Trevescan
MRS MARGARET KITCHEN,                  Apartments                                          Atlantic View
SIMON LUGG,                                           Mason                                                   Escalls
JOSEPH MATTHEWS                               Dairyman
WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER MATTHEWS & SON, Builders & Contractors; and at St.Buryan
WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER MATTHEWS, Furnished apartments, Rossiter House; good sea
view, close to Land's End
HENRY NICHOLAS,                            Harbour Master,           Aubrey Villa,     Sennen Cove
JAMES NICHOLAS                               Apartments                  Bay View
RICHARD NICHOLAS,                         Farmer                                                  Mayon
SACCHAEUS NICHOLAS,              Commission Agent (fish)                             Mayon Farm
MRS GRACE PARSON,                         Shopkeeper
AUBREY PENDER,                                Apartments,                                          Sunny Corner
THOMAS PENDER,                               Apartments,              Beachfield
WILLIAM PENDER,                               Apartments,                                           Sennen Cove
WILLIAM HENRY PENDER,                 Success Inn                                              "           "
WILLIAM PENROSE,                             Apartments,                                           Sennen Cove
WILLIAM C. ROBERTS,                         Apartments,                                         Mayon House
HERBERT SEMMENS,                            Farmer                                                   Brew

 SENNEN COVE PRIVATE HOTEL                                                                    Sennen Cove Facing north-west, overlooking Sennen Cove; for terms apply:  F. Avery, Manager, late Chef, HMS Vernon.
MRS ADAM SHANNON,                   Apartments,                                                             Treeve
WILLIAM THOMAS,                         Hotel Keeper      Penwith House, Temperance Hotel,  Lands End
. Hot & cold luncheons daily ;photos curios & postcards

THOMAS TONKIN                           Inn Keeper     First and Last Inn,  Sennen Churchtown
BENJAMIN TRAHAIR                      Hotel  Keeper            Lands End Hotel     Lands End Recently reconstructed, redecorated & refurnished; electric light throughout, motor garage, etc.
EDWARD TREMBATH,                                       Farmer,                                    Trevilley
MRS  TRENARY,                                                  Apartments,                              Treeve Moor
ELI  TREWERN,                                                     Farmer,                                   Treeve
JOHN TREWHELLA                                             Apartments,                             Treeve
C. THOMAS                    Principal Keeper           Trinity House Buildings            Land's End
JOHN VINGOE,                                                    Farmer,                                       Escalls
MISS  DARKUS [Dorcas] WALLIS,                     Shopkeeper
JAMES WALLIS,                                                   Farmer,                                    Treeve
MISS ALICE WARREN,                                        Farmer,                                    Trevorian
JOHN WATSON,                                                   Farmer
PETER WILLIAMS,                                                Farmer,                                    Trevilley


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